My name is Lhuhandia Simon and I was born in a very humble, poor family started my primary level in 1996 – 2002 with a single parent my dear mum Esther joined a secondary school on a mutual understanding with the a school management whereby I would work at school as a potter when they are paying me as school fees they would chase me out of class each and every time even when during exam time. till when I met Mr. Linus and Moa. in the year 2007 who felt sympathy of me and started paying school fees to me. After narrating my poor back ground to them.

I am the only person who have acquired education in my family and possibly in my village, despite of others who are buying some piece of land in my area. Having realized this; that the people in my area earn no income for this therefore they don’t educate their children, they would send their children in government schools without scholastic material to use at school and at the end they fail primary seven due to lack of scholastic materials like enough books, pens, uniform and lunch while at school this would lead them fail.

And after failing, a majority gets married even while under age. Not that they intend it, but their living standards are poor. Most people work as potters and brick makers whereby they don’t earn good money to support their families. The women cultivates crops on small scale and in return they get dry due to heavy sunshine. Therefore the children are not able to go to school.

In this regard I started a nongovernmental organization called RwenzoriSweFoundation together with my friend Moa. Among the activities it does are; early child education promotion, support to the vulnerable communities, and community health promotion. Sponsor Light is a project within this organization whereby our friends and colleagues contribute some money for lunch, pay school fees and some scholastic materials to the selected children.